The next Rector of St George’s is The Reverend Thomas John Pettigrew!

With God in our hearts, we are excited to tell you that St George’s has called a new Rector to be the 20th Rector of our historic church. We’ve been without a Rector for almost two years and although we have done marvelously well during the interregnum, a church needs a Rector.

Please warmly welcome Fr Pettigrew, currently Rector of Church of the Holy Cross, Warrensburg, NY, to St George’s. Working together, we foresee great things as we grow God’s church and spread the Faith!

His starting date at St. George’s is set for September 3rd. If you are an active congregant, you will soon meet Fr Pettigrew at church. If you have fallen away a bit, why not give it another try? You have friends here who would love to see you!

St. George’s is a vibrant and joyous Christian community of love and grace with a historic past reaching back to colonial America, with a deep commitment to living the faith in new and exciting ways each day.

St. George’s is faithful to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Episcopal Church, as well as its comprehensiveness, diversity, and the middle way of tolerance and understanding.

All people are welcome to worship with us and encouraged to participate fully in the ministry of our church.

As we proceed through this process, we will provide information here.

Senior Warden Announces Fr. Pettigrew as the 20th Rector of St. George’s, Schenectady, NY.

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